Friday, November 25, 2011

Wrapping Up a Fabulous Year!

This single career mom has so much to give thanks for as this year ends in just over a month!

If you haven't been keeping up with the world of Nicole Katherine on Facebook, I will give you a quick rundown of this year's events...

While the year started off as any other with new customers, stores, typical production drama, etc... I was thrown into a whirlwind of projects starting in February as I prepared for the annual Viva Las Vegas Fashion Show (see my other blogs for videos). Shortly after VLV, I began my new adventure as a costumer for Director Kelly Rigg's pitch trailer for her upcoming film Light Masters featuring Seth Green (see the trailer below). Jumping into the film industry has been a dream come true and opened many new doors for me as a designer.

A few months after helping with the pitch trailer for Light Masters, producer John Papapavlos asked me to assist with wardrobe for his live production/tv trailer "Fairyland." Again, this was another amazing opportunity, and a challenge, as I assisted Wardrobe Supervisor Sarah Wachel with quick actor's costume changes between live sets. Talk about pressure! At one point I found my sewing skills put to the test as I had less than a minute to stitch up a tear in one of Mara Marini's costumes before she had to run back on stage. Although, I'm not certain if I'm gifted as a wardrobe girl, I do love costuming and am proud to report that I will be doing more costume work starting mid-December. An incredible way to end 2011... the independent film will mostly feature pieces from my line, Nicole Katherine Designs.

I would really love to go on and on about my year, and make this blog more eloquent, but the demands of my 3 year old angel is calling me away to the land of Thomas And Friends. Perhaps my biggest challenge is that of balancing my designer career and single mom career... especially as I find myself retyping this article after my little one has driven his train across the keyboard.

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