Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hello, how do you do? Ochen pryatna!

Today I figured I'd do something a little different and tell you all a little about me and maybe clarify some business related questions in the process.

Where I live (this is a major FAQ from fans and customers): Technically I now live in Missoula Montana and have been "technically" living here since January, but I'm considered a resident of both LA and Missoula. I've kept my California driver's license for various reasons that you all probably don't care about. I'm in LA a few weeks of almost every month working on production. And plan on settling down somewhere in the LA area or North Orange County :) As far as going out in Missoula, I rarely do so. Just because there's not much here that I'm into (especially since I don't really drink) and I like to spend my time with my son, not to mention catch up on rest from working and playing in LA.

Do you do all your sewing?: Oh dear goodness no. In fact the only thing I really sew now are the dungarees since they are CONSTANTLY running out of stock and sometimes it's faster for me to sew up a few pairs and fill orders than to go through the production process. Once upon a time I used to do all the sewing and I could sew up about 3-4 dresses a day, including the cutting. Then I became a mom, and most people that are mom's who sew know that it's not as easy to sit down and finish a project as it was before baby. Plus, I have so many customers now, and stores, that doing all the sewing wouldn't be possible.

Why are you on Facebook all day, don't you have work to do?: In case if you missed the memo that's posted almost weekly, I am rarely on my Nicole Katherine facebook profile. Best way to reach me is through email. And as far as my fanpage goes, I don't have access to it. A lovely girl, who's also my baby sister, named Jillian, runs those pages. If it's important I'll jump on the Nicole Katherine profile. But the fanpage is separate and I don't have access to it at all.

What other designers do you love?: Well definitely Coco Chanel (however I want to know what on earth Karl Lagerfeld was thinking with the new collection I don't think Miss Coco would be pleased), Christian Dior, and old Hollywood costume designer Adrian. One of the current designer's I love is Lena Hoscheck. I spent an afternoon and then had dinner with her last week. October has been an exciting month :)

If you weren't designing what would you do?: Probably run a coffee shop/bookstore, and write. Writing is my other passion as well as dancing. Coffee is such a fun artform to me. If my boss hadn't been such a jerk, I'd have to say that working as a barista when I first moved to California was my most favorite job ever.

I met you and am left wondering "Are you a snob or are you just weird"?: Yes to the weird part, no to the snob part... I'm terribly shy and timid until I get comfortable with someone. There's been a few cases that I've walked away from people and had to go collect myself and try to get the courage to re-attempt a conversation.

Wanna know more about me? Stay tuned for my interview coming out in a few months... I'll release the info (magazine, date, etc) when the time nears! You don't want to miss it (Jason Holmes did the photography so you definitely don't want to miss it).

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