Friday, November 5, 2010

The Slight Annoyances of Business Ownership

And here we are, another November, with the same issue as every November since 2003. Website is down because our genius web host set the expiration to occur before the billing cycle. I was reassured that this wouldn't happen again this year, and here we are with the same problem. Now, if you're wondering what happened to that's it! And it will be up again on the 9th, unless if I can change the web host company and straighten this issue out before then. We shall see, as I have a very full plate for the next two weeks.

However, you can always make purchases from Get Go Retro at :) Get Go Retro will be one of the main hubs for Nicole Katherine Designs starting in 2011!

I suppose that's about it for now. Oh, I would like to welcome my new followers. Such a small and loved handful, thank you for reading my dull blogs LOL.

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