Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Women of the Military contest... Meet Alysha Anderson!

Hello! My name is Alysha Anderson, And I am a PROUD army wife. My Husbands name is Paul Anderson and he is a Staff Sergeant for the 1-79th Mortars Platoon. He is Currently in the middle of training for a deployment to Afghanistan this summer.
Paul proudly serves our country and love's his job. He joined in 1998, and this will be his 6th deployment. Paul is my whole world, He is the best husband a Girl could ever ask for. I knew he was going to be my husband from the first day we spent together!
I have never met a man like him, he is sooooo giving, Sweet, funny, and can put a smile on anybody's face. Being a military spouse is incredibly difficult already and he hasn't even left the country yet. It doesn't just include not having your soul mate by your side and missing him every minute of everyday...always looking at your phone to make sure you dont miss calls..... or having skype become your best friend. It makes you The man and woman of the house. You have to deal with dreaded questions. I dont worry about my husband not coming home, beacause I know he was a born soldier...and an amazing one at that. What gets us through the time apart is knowing that nothing can ever bring us down after this deployment and we will be incredibly strong together!!! I wouldn't change a thing because my husband is my everything. <3 :)
(P.S. If I happen to win a Nicole Katherine dress i will be picking him up from the airport in it) :)

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