Saturday, May 21, 2011

Women of the Military contest... Meet Brittany Allen!

Being a Female in the military can be tough. I know my cute little ass belongs in the kitchen but sometimes life just doesn't follow a recipe. Currently I am living in a maintenance squadron where there are approximately 500 men and 50 women. It is safe to say we are a bit out numbered. I can't count how many times I have been told that I am a weak female or that I don't belong here. To be honest.... It just motivates me more. To see the look on that tough guys face when I knock out just as many push ups as him or when I can troubleshoot a malfunction and repair the aircraft faster and more efficiently than any of the men in my class... well, it makes me smile. My goal isn't necessarily to be better than them or to put them down but to use all of my potential to it's fullest.
In the Air Force we have three core values... Integrity first, Service before self, and Excellence in all we do. Unfortunately I have met many that don't care about excellence or have little to no integrity but all of us have had to sacrifice something to be here. Many of us have to go long periods of time away from our family and loved ones. Whether it is state side or overseas, it is still hard to say goodbye. In other aspects, certain life aspirations have to be postponed. Schooling and civilian careers are put on the back burner when our nation needs our help. In today's economy many of us, including myself, need the military in order to achieve these goals. I can honestly say that without the Air Force I have no idea what kind of disaster I would be in.
The military may be a man's world but women still play an important roll. Throughout history men have gone off to war and women had to put up their oven mitts to attend to the factories and farms while still raising their families. In today's world we go off to war also. I have not yet been deployed, but I'm sure someday my time will come.
While I still like to throw on an apron and a cute pair of heels, the reality is that sometimes I need to put on some boots and grab a tool box.

I currently have a Nicole Katerine dress awaiting my arrival at home and I plan on wearing all the time. No occasion is to insignificant to be bombshell..... Whether I am simply taking my dog on a walk downtown or dinning out with handsome Airman I will be sure to turn heads in a dress from Nicole Katherine Designs.

A1C Brittany M. Allen
Electrical and Environmental Systems
United States Air Force


Tyler Crone said...

Vote for my adorable pinup airman :)

Alex Cini said...

You are absolutely gorgeous honey! Us military women can prove that we are just as capable and willing as men are. (just cuter and smarter) Hehehe