Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Women of the Military Contest... Meet Kristal Tangard!

I am on Orange County Army Wife, a mother of 3, and an aspiring Pin Up Model! My husband and I have been serving the United States Army for 6 years. My husband is in the Infantry previously stationed in Fairbanks Alaska for 4 years. He just recently transferred over to Air Traffic Controller. That's re enlistment for another 6 years. He plans on retiring wt the US Army. Being in the military at times can be HARD! My husband has no idea i'm writing about this, he thinks i'm blogging about something silly, possibly something about modeling, little does he know, I'm confessing how much in love, and how much i do support his career he has choose for our family. His jaw will drop to the floor when he reads this, i have never expressed my true feeling like this about our life as a military family. My husband has only been home for 1 of our children's births. The others, he was over seas. It can be terribly difficult to say good bye for 14 months at a time. This years deployments for him is only 6 months. My three little boys DO NOT like saying good bye to their daddy. They know he is a G.I. Joe though, and they think that there is nothing cooler than that. He is their hero. Just as he is all of ours. We all know the army wife puts the H.E.R. in hero though.
The day we all look forward to the most as a family is when he comes home. A grand reunion, a hot shower for him, and a love fest for my 3 little boys and myself! Our time spent at home is as important as our time spent apart. We ensure our relationship as husband and wife is as strong as being a mom and dad. Coming home for an Army Dad is hard. Transitioning to Civilian life after being at war for a year is trying for the whole family. We consider LOVE, and RESPECT, as rules in our home to keep our family strong. Being an army wife is quite possibly the toughest job in the military. When my husband is over seas i have to be strong for both us, and my children, and our families. I have to keep him up to date with current events, the children and of course my new pin up adventures and photos. It can get lonely out there, I take joy in knowing my husband has my photos at his side at all times.
Offering support to soldiers over seas is difficult. The men in the infantry that are out in the field will work 14 hr. days wt 2hr. of sleep. They go weeks wt our showers, and probably would cut some one for a bag of beef jerky. So, when i ask my husband what i can send to him......i know all he wants is sleep, a shower, and the children and i in a box. How do you do that? Its impossible. They all want the same thing. Its just not something you can cram in a box. Being alone when he is over seas is hard and can at times be trying. Fro the time i take my first sip of coffee in the morning, till i lay my head on the pillow at nite. I think of my husband, my best friend, and the father of my children. Its just not a HOME when he's gone. There is always something missing when he is away.
My husband, after re enlisting for six more years does not know where we will live later on down the road. Saying good- bye to our friends and family can be very, very difficult. It is hard to let go of the people you love. My sons 6, 2, and 4 months old, miss their Dad terribly. When he leaves it takes them a few months to get it out of their system. Web cam, and email are the source of our communication. Sometimes we just sit on the phone in silence, but that's o.k., because there is nothing to say sometimes. Its the comfort of knowing we are there for each other, and it melts my heart. My husband loves fighting for his country. He is a solider through and through. I couldn't imagine him ne where else, other than the United States Army! That to me is a joy in its self. Some women may not have the heart to write about this kind of stuff because they feel it can be depressing, or over whelming. Yes, it is both of those things, but this is something he loves, and i will support him as he supports me! Making us a happy healthy family. This year my husband will come home for a four day weekend in july for the Hootenanny. I am competing for Miss Hootenanny at this current time and plan to wear my new Nicole Katherine dress to the event. Weather i wear that crown or not, i will be sporting my new dress like a champ! Just because you don't win things in life, doesn't mean your not winning at life!

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