Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another week flying past...

Hello everyone,
I'm happy to report that business is still going strong! Unfortunately, we're still very backed up in production... *sigh* The best things in life...

Anyway, nothing new to report since yesterday. But, I do want to mention that we had a fantastic time at the Operation Recuperation benefit show on Saturday. The turn-out wasn't what we'd hoped. I guess the cover was a little too much for Missoula people, which I had no idea since I did ask for local opinions before determining the price. I deeply apologize for this. Live and learn :) I would welcome feedback for future events, as I would like to bring more bands to Montana.

But, back to Operation Recuperation... The plan is this: The money collected and donated will go to the people that run the non-profit in California. This will help them get needed items for the VA Hospitals, create needed promotional materials (as I'm sure you all noticed we didn't have any at the benefit, which was sort of an inconvenience), and also the money will be saved for future events and plans of spreading their wings. The DVD's and CD's that we collected will be kept for Montana based VA hospitals. I know that some of you want to set up donation boxes at your places of work, and also set up chapters in your area. This is GREATLY appreciated. Please feel free to email me at OR email Op.Recup. directly at

There's no deadline for CD and DVD donations! Please be aware of this. The donations are ongoing and we can coordinate days and times to send these to the VA Hospitals. Also, if you'd like to visit the VA Hospital in your area to personally show wounded soldiers your gratitude, email Operation Recuperation directly to find out what you need to do to coordinate the visits. Thank you so much for your support everyone! And the soldiers thank you too :)


Anonymous said...

Maybe this would help: Reduce the cover to $7 to start, then bump it up one dollar every time you hold another benefit thereafter. Also, here in Missoula, you have to get out your bullhorn and scream from the rooftops about an event. People are so outdoorsy this time of year that it's hard to get them inside for anything. The benefit was a hoot and the bands were awesome! People will come around, but it may take a few shows.

Anonymous said...

I really hope the not so great turn out won't keep you away from doing it again next year, the only reason I didn't sign up is because I'm not 21 just yet, but i will be next year. It's such a great cause and I hope you'll do it again.
The turn out will improve as more people find out about it.

Nicole Katherine Designs said...

I'm not certain if we'll make the fundraiser an annual thing, but we definitely want a strong Montana chapter of Operation Recuperation, and hopefully have one in all 50 states some day. Sorry about the 21 and over, I didn't want the liability of underage drinking. I promoted shows many years ago and remember that the evenings would be very un-enjoyable for me as I had to patrol the venue and be the big meanie stealing away the liquor from the kids. Not a good time!

As far as my clothing company hosting more shows and bringing more performers in the future, would love to and know a lot that are interested when they go on tour, but the guarantees they need can be kind of hefty and there's usually other towns that put in a competitive bid for the same evening(and it's easier for them to charge a $10-$15 cover and get an excellent turn out). So, we'll see :)