Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's been a while...

2010 has been an extremely busy year for Nicole Katherine Designs, and it's been a while since many of you have been updated on the rapid growth of this fabulous clothing line.

Although life has been quite a whirlwind since the first of the year, April is when things became really busy after the debut of the Autumn/Winter 2010 line at the Viva Las Vegas Fashion show. The new line received quite a positive response and the following week our inbox was filling up with both retail and wholesale requests. We've added a few new stores under our belt since then, located in New York, Sweden, and England.

Since April, we've been tied up with a lot of sales. We do apologize about the length of time to get orders complete (currently about 2-4 weeks for individuals and 2 months for wholesale) but promise that the wait is well worth it. We're working on speeding up the production process and holding more inventory for future sales. Things will definitely be smooth sailing by next season. And speaking of next season...

The 2011 Spring/Summer line will be released to stores in October 2010! We're very excited to present the new line, which you will agree, stands apart and above the rest! Included for Spring/Summer will be a bridal wear line, perfect for you ladies looking for something simple and under $1000... I've designed some elegant dresses that won't break the bank ranging between $250.00 and $800.00 :) Also, for Spring/Summer, a new evening wear line.

In the meantime, gear up for Autumn ladies, we've got dungarees, overalls, warm dresses, blouses, etc. And to make way for the new inventory, we're trying to get rid of the old by posting incredible sales on Etsy. Visit the Nicole Katherine Designs Etsy Shoppe for incredible savings... we're posting items between 50%-75% off.

That's all for now ~XOXO Nicole <3

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