Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Collection of Vintage Treasures in Missoula

On Thursday I had a few free moments and decided to take my little boy to the Museum of Mountain Flying at the Missoula International Airport. While I do NOT recommend this place for a wild two year old nicknamed "monster baby", "Hurricane Nugget", etc., I do recommend this place to anyone interested in aviation history, classic cars and all things vintage and antique.

The museum is packed with aircraft from the 1940's-present, classic cars of an era gone by and interesting information regarding the aviation history of Missoula, and the men and women who've bravely fought wildfires in the area. Sadly, they don't get many visitors on a regular basis. I'm not certain if this is because not many people know of it's existence or because it's opening months happen to be in the summer where most people are going to opt for the river with an inner tube and can of beer. However, Missoula has had enough cool and rainy days this season that the museum offers a nice alternative.

To me, this place is so beautiful and fascinating, I'm considering holding a small fashion show in September to help promote the museum's existence. Please stay tuned for more details, coming soon :)

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Jessica Kathryn Fuerst said...

That is an awesome idea! I unfortunately don't get out that way unless I'm catching a plane so I have yet to visit the museum, but I love museums and I would love to encourage my daughter to share in that love as she grows up.

If there is anything I could help out with, let me know! I would love to help, :) I'm trying to get out there in the community. I'm a bored house wife these days.