Thursday, July 22, 2010

Featured Item!

Hey ladies, have you had a look at the Bar NK Overalls? They're super comfy and the perfect alternative to sweats :) On days like today where I'm just not feeling it, but don't wanna look as horrendous as I feel, I throw these on with a super cute western blouse!

Not only do these overalls look cute and feel ultra-comfortable, but they're rugged too. It's unthinkable for a glamour-puss, such as myself, to wear raggedy clothes for gritty work, dirty mommy jobs, or playing outside. These are a fantastic alternative to grubbies, so you can get down and dirty without compromising your style. The denim is ultra tough, USA made cotton. It's unlike the trendy, stretchy denim that most brands have on the market. You know, the kind that loses it's shape and gets saggy on the bottoms in less than a year of wear? No, no! These are durable and tough, yet feminine, like Rosie the Riveter. We have sizes in stock for immediate shipping :) You can purchase these directly from Nicole Katherine , Cats Like Us in New York, or Get Go Retro.


Jessica Kathryn Fuerst said...

Oh I want them! So adorible :) I wish I had money I could spend...

Nicole Katherine Designs said...

Hi Jessica... well there is a HUGE sale going on in my Etsy store... have a look